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About Isopix

How to contact us ?
Our terms of sales
Job @ Isopix
Our staff of photographers

How to contact us ?

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Fritz Toussaintstraat, 55 / A.4
55 Rue Fritz Toussaint / A.4
1050 Brussel - Bruxelles

Tel +32 2 420 30 50
Fax +32 2 420 41 22

Bank and VAT

IBAN : BE48 2100 5595 6827
VAT : BE0425189404

Our terms of sales

You will find below our terms of sales in :


Job @ Isopix

If you are looking for a job, please send us your CV at



Formed in 1984, ISOPIX is a corporation managed by three of its founders :
Paul Marnef : CEO
Bernadette Lepers : Sales manager
Gino Zamboni : Chief editor

Our staff of photographers

Our photographers cover Belgian current events in fields as varied as domestic politics, the economy, social life, the Belgian Royal Family, miscellaneous news items, international institutions, and show business. We also publish numerous news magazine reports, as well as stock graphics illustrating non-topical matters. Our photos and reports are intended chiefly for the daily press as well as for magazines, book publishers, advertising agencies and companies. Our agency graphics are also utilised in many foreign countries. Our photographers also create graphic reports on commission for newspapers and magazines, companies, and international institutions.



Many foreign agencies, photo libraries and photographers entrust Isopix with exclusive distribution of their graphics in Belgium.
If you are interested, please send us an e-mail :



Our agency archives more than 5,000,000 photographs, taken in Belgium as well as all over the world, on subjects such as politics, the economy, social life, miscellaneous news items, international conflicts, show business, the European Royal Families, everyday life, travel and tourism, animals, the sciences, and sports and leisure.
Every day, our best graphics are scanned in high-definition and made available to clients via on-line server.
Our clients thus enjoy access to several tens of thousands of photographs capable of consultation via keywords search or the daily menu of latest items. Access to the on-line server is free of charge to professional clients.



Please have a look on Belgian's law about copyright.
ISOPIX is member of Sabam (Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers).

On Copypix website : you will find a lot od information about protected images and the way to use it.



Isopress was created on 20 January 1984 by Bernadette Lepers, Jean Hanssens (who left the firm in late 1995 to head the photo service at the prestigious daily newspaper Le Soir), Paul Marnef, and Gino Zamboni. 1992 was a year of corporate structural changes: acquisition of a competitor, Nadia Sénépart Press Agency, creation of an on-line graphics server, and an increase in our company capital, subscribed by Clodim.

The name of the agency was changed to Isopress Sénépart in 1993 and into ISOPIX in July 2004.














































































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